• Landscaping

    opper Creek Designs are uniquely created for our clients and their homes or businesses. We take into consideration the optimum plant materials and placement for the individual property, the desired look of the landscape over a period of years, the amount of maintenance required for proper upkeep, and the client's budget. Our professionally trained staff can take any project from conception to completion – delivering a quality product that is sure to please.
    • Perennial Gardens
    • Annual Flower Gardens
    • Native and Ecological Gardens
    • Deer Resistant Gardens
    • Natural Fencing (using Shrubs & Trees)
    • Decorative Flower Pots & Hanging Baskets
    • Ponds and Water Features
    • Landscape Lighting
  • Hardscaping

    ardscape elements play a key role in the development of any outdoor space. Through beautiful stone, paver or decking applications - walks, patios and decks can be developed to suit any house or business. Copper Creeks' creative approach to integrating hardscape elements with the landscaping sets us apart from the competition. The attention to detail is apparent from the smooth layout of a curving walk, to the selection and design of the paver pattern, creating a finished product that is both professionally executed and unique to the landscape.
    • Patios (interlocking pavers, blue stone or brick)
    • Retaining Walls
    • Walkways and Driveways
    • Stairs
    • Decks
    • Pool and Spa Areas
    • BBQ Areas
  • Maintenance

    t Copper Creek we take a "total care" approach to property maintenance. Our crews provide all the services needed to keep homes and businesses looking beautiful and well manicured all year round. Inquire about our four-season and seasonal maintenance contracts.
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Fall and Spring Clean-Up
    • Tree and Shrub Pruning
    • Estate and Grounds Maintenance
    • Grading and Seeding
    • Lawn & Plant Fertilizing & Treatments
    • Bed Mulching
    • Pond Maintenance
    • Snow Plowing
  • Deliveries

    opper Creek can assist in homeowners' "do-it-yourself" landscape projects. Copper Creek stocks a variety of landscape materials and can also custom order materials for delivery. On a Regular Basis Copper Creek Stocks:
    • Mulch - Pine Bark, Dark Mulch Good for Enhancing your Flower Beds and Walkway Liners
    • Mushroom Soil - Natural Soil Used to Rejuvenate Tired Soil and
    • Assist in Plant Growth and Flourishing
    • Topsoil - Rock and Weed Free Topsoil Perfect for Leveling
    • Rock - We Carry a Varity of Rocks Good for Lining Beds, Filing, etc.
  • Additional Services

    n addition to landscape and maintenance services Copper Creek can also do the following to help keep your home and business beautiful.
    • Power Washing
    • Tree and Plant Relocation
    • Consulting Services
    • Project Management
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